The Findings Group, LLC is a research and evaluation firm located in Atlanta, GA, that provides research and evaluation services to K-12 and post-secondary public education organizations and programs. Our mission is to make these programs better, to demonstrate whether the program is or is not working, and to ensure project leaders, funders, and stakeholders that their resources are being put to the best possible use. This requires research and evaluation personnel who can foster stakeholder relationships; manage the performance of others; develop data collection, analysis, and reporting processes; communicate flawlessly, and synthesize oftentimes contradictory data all while keeping an eye on emerging trends in evaluation practice.

Computer Science Education Research and Evaluation

The Findings Group (TFG) has a long history of researching and evaluating computer science education projects. Currently, TFG is working with Claremont Graduate University and Haynie Research to lead the Computer Science Outcomes Networked Improvement Community (CSONIC) to unite and build capacity among evaluators and researchers to better measure classroom implementation and student outcomes. This effort brings together Google’s “Wrecking Crew” and the CS10K Evaluation Working Group. TFG also advises on CS4NYC, provides technical assistance through the INCLUDES TA program, and also serves on the National Science Foundation Committee on Equal Opportunity in Science and Engineering (CEOSE) to develop accountability measures. TFG also evaluates, alongside SageFox Consulting Group, the Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) program to guide state-level change in computer science education. Finally, TFG provides program level research and evaluation on many computer science education programs: perhaps the most notable of these is EarSketch connecting authentic learning environments to creativity and identity development to increase persistence in computing.

Recent Research