“Georgia computes!”

Authors: Amy Bruckman, Maureen Biggers, Barbara Ericson, Tom Mcklin, Jill P. Dimond, Betsy James Disalvo, Mike Hewner, Lijun Ni, Sarita Yardi


Computing education suffers from low enrollment and a lack of diversity. Both of these problems require changes across the entire computing education pipeline. The “Georgia Computes!” alliance, funded by the National Science Foundation’s Broadening Participation in Computing program, seeks to improve the computing education pipeline in Georgia. “Georgia Computes!” is having a measurable effect at each stage of the pipeline, but has not yet shown an impact across the whole pipeline.

Bruckman, Amy & Biggers, Maureen & Mcklin, Tom & Dimond, Jill & Disalvo, Betsy & Hewner, Mike & Ni, Lijun & Yardi, Sarita. (2009). “Georgia computes!”. ACM SIGCSE Bulletin. 41. 86. 10.1145/1539024.1508899.

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