Glitch Game Testers: African American Men Breaking Open the Console

Authors: Betsy James Disalvo, Mark Guzdial, Tom Mcklin, Charles Meadows, Kenneth Perry, Corey Steward, Amy Bruckman


Glitch Game Testers is a research project to develop a sustainable high school job program to train and employ high school students as game testers (1). Our goal is to leverage the passion that young urban African American men have for video games into agency with technology. The first step is to encourage these young people to see the computation behind digital games and the second step is to offer a contextualized computing curriculum (2). In this paper, we will present findings from formative work on the play practices of young African American men, introduce the Glitch Game Testers project, and report on preliminary findings from workshops. By looking at the intersection of race and gender in gaming practices, we have developed Glitch to specifically meet the cultural needs for young African American men.

Disalvo, Betsy & Guzdial, Mark & Mcklin, Tom & Steward, Corey & Bruckman, Amy. (2009). Glitch Game Testers: African American Men Breaking Open the Console.

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