How CS Teachers Change? The Story from Teachers

Authors: Lijun Ni, Tom Mcklin


In this paper, we present the results of an interview study revealing how Computer Science (CS) teachers create change. We interviewed eight teachers about a year after they attended our workshops on several innovative introductory CS courses. The interview was designed to elicit the extent to which CS teachers have adopted or adapted what they learned from the workshops, and what drives or prevents their efforts to make change. The results of this study revealed that the adoption, adaptation and implementation of CS curriculum innovations in new contexts involve systemic change affecting teachers, departments and institutions as a whole. The findings of this study reveal a list of questions that a CS instructor might ask before committing to any new innovation. Our findings further suggest several recommendations directed towards more effective dissemination of computing education innovations.

Ni, Lijun & Mcklin, Tom. (2023). How CS Teachers Change? The Story from Teachers.

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