Tackling engagement in computing with computational music remixing

Authors: Brian Magerko, Jason Freeman, Tom Mcklin, Scott McCoid, Tom Jenkins, Elise Livingston


In this paper, we describe EarSketch, an integrated curriculum, software toolset, and social media website, grounded in constructionist principles, that targets introductory high school computing education. We hypothesize that the use of collaborative computational music composition and remixing may avoid some of the engagement and culture-specific issues that other approaches, both in music and other media, have had. We discuss the design of EarSketch, its use in a pilot summer camp, and the evaluation results from that pilot.

Magerko, Brian & Freeman, Jason & Mcklin, Tom & McCoid, Scott & Jenkins, Tom & Livingston, Elise. (2013). Tackling engagement in computing with computational music remixing. SIGCSE 2013 – Proceedings of the 44th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education. 10.1145/2445196.2445390.

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