EarSketch: A STEAM approach to broadening participation in computer science principles

Authors: Jason Freeman, Brian Magerko, Doug Edwards, Roxanne Moore, Tom Mcklin, Anna Xambó


The EarSketch computer science learning environment and curriculum (http://earsketch.gatech.edu) seeks to increase and broaden participation in computing using a STEAM (STEM + Arts) approach. EarSketch creates an authentic learning environment in that it is both personally meaningful and industry relevant in terms of its STEM component (computing) and its artistic domain (music remixing). Students learn to code in JavaScript or Python, tackling learning objectives in the Computer Science Principles curricular framework as they simultaneously learn core concepts in music technology. They create music through code by uploading their own audio content or remixing loops in popular genres created by music industry veterans. No prior experience in music or computer science is required. EarSketch is entirely browser-based and free.

Freeman, Jason & Magerko, Brian & Edwards, Doug & Moore, Roxanne & Mcklin, Tom & Xambó, Anna. (2015). EarSketch: A STEAM approach to broadening participation in computer science principles. 1-2. 10.1109/RESPECT.2015.7296511.

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