EarSketch: An integrated approach to teaching introductory computer music

Authors: Scott McCoid, Jason Freeman, Brian Magerko, Christopher Michaud, Tom Jenkins, Tom Mcklin, Hera Kan


EarSketch is an all-in-one approach to supporting a holistic introductory course to computer music as an artistic pursuit and a research practice. Targeted to the high school and undergraduate levels, EarSketch enables students to acquire a strong foundation in electroacoustic composition, computer music research and computer science. It integrates a Python programming environment with a commercial digital audio workstation program (Cockos’ Reaper) to provide a unified environment within which students can use programmatic techniques in tandem with more traditional music production strategies to compose music. In this paper we discuss the context and goals of EarSketch, its design and implementation, and its use in a pilot summer camp for high school students.

McCoid, Scott & Freeman, Jason & Magerko, Brian & Michaud, Christopher & Jenkins, Tom & Mcklin, Tom & Kan, Hera. (2013). EarSketch: An integrated approach to teaching introductory computer music. Organised Sound. 18. 10.1017/S135577181300006X.

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